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Support KUMC financially through participation in the following programs:

KUMC Scrip Program

See Marc or Carrie if interested in ordering scrip. Orders are taken after church and when there are enough requests the scrip is ordered (typically once/month). Download an alphabetical list of participating vendors or a list by category. The number in parenthesis after each vendor is the rebate earned on purchases. For instance, a $50 gift card with a 13% rebate would earn $6.50 ($50 x .13).


A recent IRS Private Letter Ruling (#PLR-118535-09)—-click to download issued to our scrip provider Great Lakes Scrip Center, clarifies that rebates earned on gift card purchases which participants allow the church to retain may be considered charitable contributions for tax purposes.  For example, if you purchase a $100 gift card with an 8% rebate, you pay $100, receive a gift card valued at $100 AND get to claim a charitable contribution for the portion of the $8 rebate donated to KUMC.

In order for rebates to be eligible, we must structure the KUMC scrip program so that any rebates earned belong to the participant, who may then choose to donate the rebate to the church. Thus, we have modified our scrip program to allow participants to take advantage of this tax benefit.

As of 8/16/09, all participants must fill out a Scrip Program Agreement specifying what percentage of rebates earned, if any, the participant would like to donate to Knollwood UMC.

Purchasing scrip through the KUMC scrip program and donating rebates from those purchases to KUMC supports the church’s ministry while providing those who itemize their taxes the opportunity to deduct a portion of rebate as a charitable contribution.

We hope you find this change to our scrip program exciting, and consider ordering gift certificates, whether for your favorite store, restaurant, gas station, hotel chain or more.


  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Shoppers: login or register with your Preferred Savings Card first”.
  3. Enter your Albertsons Card # and Phone #.
  4. Once logged in, click on “My Account”, then “Add a Partner”.
  5. KUMC is partner # 49000116642.


  1. Use the search box in the left column.
  2. As long as you do not close the window or navigate to another site, any purchase you make will contribute 4% or more to KUMC. CLICK HERE to Shop at and KUMC receives about 6% of your order total.

Amazon Church Fundraiser

Note: The more monthly volume, the higher the contribution. The average contribution is 6%.

Escrip (Vons, Hows, Pavilion, Safeway, Macys, Claim Jumper, Eddie Bauer, etc)

Escrip is a program where you register your Vons/Pavilion card, Hows “eScrip Community card” or Macys charge card, and every time you make a purchase KUMC receives a contribution. You may also register credit cards and debit cards, and if you make a purchase with this card at a participating retailer (e.g. Claim Jumper, Eddie Bauer) KUMC will also receive a contribution.

  1. Go to
  2. Under “Make a Difference”, click on “Sign Up, Its Free”.
  3. Choose Group ID and type in our group ID #, which is 151769777. You may also find us by typing in “Knollwood United”. When our church name appears click on it, then click Next.
  4. Continue the registration process.
  5. Towards the end, you wil have an opportunity to enter grocery cards, your Macy’s card and any credit cards. For Hows, you must first eScrip Community Card”. — see

Note: KUMC can also add you manually. See the Carrie the scrip coordinator.

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