Who are United Methodists?

Thanks for dropping in on this website. We can only assume that you’re at least a little bit curious about the United Methodist faith. Consider these very basic points.

At the risk of stating the obvious, we’re Christians.

There are 8 million of us in the United States and another 3.5 million in countries around the world. You can help that number grow.

Our congregations are deeply involved in their own communities and in outreach far from home.

Both women and men are our clergy/pastors.  We believe we are all in ministry together. Our decision-making bodies always include clergy and lay church members.

We have two sacraments – baptism and communion – and our communion table is open to all. (Yes, that really means everyone.)

We believe that many of the things that separate people from each other are more important to them than they are to God.

Our name, Methodist, at first was a term meant to poke fun at our theological founder, John Wesley. (He’s an interesting character, and you’ll learn more about him if you keep asking questions.)

We hope you’ll do exactly that – keep asking questions about United Methodism and about how you can grow spiritually and do good works in God’s name.

The Peculiar Idea of Trinity

The concept of the Trinity is that there is one God who is revealed to us in three forms:

God, the loving father and creator of the universe

Jesus Christ, God’s son and our redeemer, who was fully human and fully divine

The Holy Spirit, God actually with us, awakening us to God’s will and helping us carry it out

The trick is that all three exist simultaneously. Don’t worry if it is hard to grasp. There are scholars who have made careers of trying to figure it out.

For the full website “Who are United Methodist | Rethink Church” please visit: http://www.rethinkchurch.org/article/who-are-united-methodists

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